Sustained Customer Service

“I’ve had years of experience and various interaction types with multiple personnel across different departments at HomeGround, and every time the service level was professional, kind, courteous and attentive. Their passion and genuine interest to help low to middle income earners find affordable housing to call home shines through every phone call, open house, paperwork processing and ongoing property management.

No doubt they pride themselves in the attitude of how can we better help you and importantly to maintain a good relationship with tenants. Personally I’m an advocate of HomeGround because of their approach to build and keep a strong agent and tenant relationship and working together as a community.

Thank you for the human and kind approach and not treating the relationship as transactional and robotic. Special shout out to Fiona, Justine, Effie, and especially Robert Wicking for making the affordable housing process effortlessly easy from start to finish for myself and surely others too. Furthermore I can confidently say other tenants I’ve spoken with have spoken highly of the team to the extend I have no hesitations in recommending others to their service.”

Jackie K, verified tenant

We manage your property. You make a difference.